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Designing an Organized Living Space

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Organization is something many might dread. It happens, as homeowners we get busy and as things add up, instead of finding a designated home for every little thing, the junk drawers begin to spread. And it can get so bad to the point where looking for a whisker becomes an afternoon chore versus what should be as easy as opening a drawer and having it at a moment’s notice. If you find yourself struggling with keeping your kitchen organized, especially going into a kitchen remodel, you will find yourself in a unique position: you can set yourself up for success in the future. Designing your kitchen with organization in mind will ensure that the next time you reach for a bowl, a utensil, or what-have-you, it will feel less like a search and rescue mission. 

Depending on the extent of your remodel, you can completely reimagine the living space. One of the first steps in designing an organized kitchen is to take into consideration your layout. Try to break up the space into four zones: cooking, prep, cleaning, and food storage. Envisioning your kitchen as a workspace with an efficient workflow will help to guide decisions down the road. This will mainly steer the course of specific needs from cabinetry and accessory installation to appliance placement. Consider what a day in the life of your kitchen is like now. What do you wish you could do differently? What would make your life easier? What is missing? You might find yourself gravitating towards wanting to keep like-minded items near each other for easy and efficient access. For example, keeping baking goods and hardware in their own designated area while dry goods and assorted spices get their own special treatment too. 


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After considering your layout, think about your storage needs. What are some kitchen items you use most frequently? Whether you decide to take a physical or mental inventory, understanding what you have the most of and what needs to be behind the closed doors of cabinetry will help in organizing this space and making sure everything has a home. And this is one of the exciting steps in the process as you can get creative in your storage solutions. Accessories are a continuously trending aspect of kitchen design. From pull-out drawers that can house pots and pans to spice racks and utensil holders, it’s accessories galore and the only limitation is your imagination. Beyond accessories, however, and based off of your needs, cabinetry can be fitted with more than enough space to call the largest cooking hardware home.  

If not already a part of your current kitchen layout, pantries are a great way to claim additional space. From floor to ceiling cabinetry to walk-ins, these additions can be a stylish and functional option.  

For those who don’t mind a bit of organization in the chaos, consider hanging your stemware. For kitchens that may not have as much space to work with, this is where you can really get creative. Racks that either hang from the ceiling or open walls can hold anything from wine glasses to pots and pans and give off the look and feel of a professional cooking space. For smaller kitchens, this can also offer a cozy factor. Very Western-influenced, keeping kitchen items out in the open, either hung up on walls or the ceiling or kept on shelving is a very function forward tactic where everything is at an arm’s reach. 


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The main point here is to get creative with the space you have. Not every kitchen needs all the bells and whistles to be organized. With a little ingenuity as well as the evolving design-scape of the kitchen industry, you can be well on your way to a function-forward, organized living space. 

Setting yourself up for success can extend beyond the installation of your kitchen. Consider trying to keep spaces like your countertops free from excess. This can give off a clean, minimalistic look and feel while giving yourself enough space for cooking or other daily tasks. It can be tempting to keep kitchen hardware or food out in the open, but it can be a dangerous game in which no one wins when you eventually run out of space. 

By following any of these steps towards a more organized living space, you will be well on your way to a kitchen that not only looks great but stays looking fresh and new. 


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