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How to Create Metal-Inspired Cabinet Doors

Feb 14, 2015 | by Carrie

Gone are the days when stainless steel was solely an industrial material. It has since made a grand entrance into our kitchens, initially through appliances, and gradually finding its way onto kitchen islands and countertops. Nowadays, stainless steel cabinets are becoming a stylish statement in contemporary and modern kitchen designs. However, the challenge has been the higher cost of these stainless steel upgrades compared to standard options, often putting them out of reach for budget-conscious homeowners. But, that's changing now; thanks to professional kitchen remodeling services you can now achieve this sleek style for a reasonable price. 

What can I use instead of metallic cabinet doors?

Kitchen Magic is thrilled to announce we have a new laminate door style that looks just like metal - but without the hefty price tag. The door's official finish name is "Brushed Steel." It's a maintenance-free laminate (bet that caught your attention!) and is made with a furniture grade core so you're guaranteed a solid, heavy-duty body that can withstand more than its fair share of daily kitchen ware and tear.

Best of all, the Brushed Steel laminate finish is available for cabinet refacing as well as new cabinet build-outs. In case you aren't familiar with the benefits of cabinet refacing (recommended if your remodel will retain a similar layout)  Read More About Cabinet Refacing Here.

In the meantime, here are some ideas on how you can implement the new Brushed Steel metallic cabinet door in your new kitchen.

Choose them for the uppers or the lowers

The bold kitchen remodeler may opt to go for the gold - or, ahem, steel - and select this finish for the whole kit and caboodle. However, they also look great when used for either the upper or the lower cabinet doors. This creates what we call a two-toned kitchen. Your Brushed Steel laminate doors are going to appear light and bright so you can consider anchoring them by using a darker finish for your lower cabinets. A two-toned approach creates visual interest and can also be used to balance other design details, like a patterned countertop or contrasting wall colors between living spaces in an open floor plan.

Use them as accents

Sometimes, it's nice to break up the monotony of a "wall of cabinetry". If you have an area of your kitchen that seems cabinet heavy, consider breaking it up a bit with a metallic door or two. We often use glass cabinet door inserts this way, but you have to be willing to display the cabinet contents. With the Brushed Steel solid cabinet doors, your mess can remain safely hidden from view.

Pair them with another matching element

This approach not only harmonizes your kitchen's look but also creates a seamless transition between the sleek stainless steel features and your main cabinet finish. Opting for a Brushed Steel finish can be a great way to achieve this cohesive aesthetic, blending the stainless elements beautifully with the rest of your kitchen.

Who offers reliable kitchen remodeling services?

Interested in seeing our new Brushed Steel laminate doors in person? Give us a call or schedule a consultation with a Kitchen Magic Design pro. Our skilled team will help you make your kitchen the vibrant core of your home. Drop a line at 866-525-7999 – we’re excited to discuss your kitchen's potential.

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