Kitchen Task Lighting Concepts That Take on a New Hue

Kitchen Design and Style

Under Cabinet Lighting and Glitter Grout Backsplash


We know the kitchen is the work horse of the home where everything happens. Whether you’re preparing dinner, entertaining or have finally decided to sew on that missing button, the kitchen is the place to get the job done. With the diversity of tasks that happen here, it’s vital that you have ample task lighting for any kitchen mission. We’re here to discuss all of the places in the kitchen where you do tasks that can benefit from being well lit.

Illuminate your workspace with Under Cabinet Lighting

Craftsman Kitchen with Under Cabinet Lighting


Having a snack or cup of tea doesn’t always mean you hit that overhead light. Under cabinet lighting sheds a large amount of light directly where you need it for small, yet intricate tasks. Moreover, when undertaking kitchen prep work or reading a recipe, this paired with general overhead lighting provides extra light when you’ve misplaced your glasses again.

Running a strip of under cabinet lights or LEDs is ideal for a dark corner under a cabinet. This can even be installed after the kitchen remodel. The concentrated light will also make your countertop glisten for that showcase affect.


Get cooking in the kitchen

Under Range-Hood Lighting with Focal Point Backsplash


Strategically placed lighting over the stove or built-in hearth, where light can project upward or downward, will brighten up tonight’s chicken dish as well as display that mosaic behind the stove. Many homeowners are creating custom designs over the stove for a unique hearth or range hood, with illuminating affects, to serve as a functional focal-point for the kitchen.


Everything and the kitchen sink

Gray Kitchen with Green Backsplash and Pendant Light


A decorative pendant light over the sink hones the light directly where you need it. That pronounced beam shines down into that deep, dark sinkwhere you need it most. Choose a bell or globe design to sharpen the beam of light, while instilling that Designers touch.


Nightly night light

You’ve found your way into the kitchen to quench those parched lips. A lower level light source along the toe kick will guide you through the kitchen without dispelling too much light or having you stub your toe. Hidden by the cabinet’s overhang, you’ll only see the subtle bursts of light shining below, providing a helpful guide and night light.


Interior cabinet lighting

Interior Cabinet Lighting


Want to showcase those new antique store finds or grandma’s china? Interior cabinet lighting is the ideal way to do it. Behind a frosted or clear glass door, interior cabinet lighting creates the illusion of a larger space, and draws the eye inward. Interior cabinet lighting can be achieved by way of drilling some holes, placing a housing-unit above the cabinet box, and running the wire to the main power source.


Brighter Ideas for Kitchen Lighting

Gone are the days of that one giant glass globe hovering over the center of the kitchen. You know the one with a few petrified flies in it from last summer. We hope we’ve enlightened you to some lighting concepts to aid with little or big tasks in the kitchen. Whether your stumbling to the kitchen in the dark or operating on tonight’s dinner, every area of the kitchen should have ample lighting for daily tasks. Don’t turn out the light on these bright ideas to add ambiance, romance and above all, make your kitchen that ever-productive place where life happens.

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