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The Kitchen Space: Where Every Party Comes to Life

Tips and Tricks

Being an amazing party host isn't just about the food and fun; it's really about making those connections with your loved ones. Your friends and family are there to enjoy the occasion with you. But if you're caught up in the whirlwind of cooking, cleaning, serving, and topping up drinks, you might miss out on the valuable moments they're seeking with you. That's why the secret ingredient to a memorable party is planning ahead and prepping your kitchen well in advance. Thanks to the variety of kitchen designs available today, making your kitchen the center of the party has never been easier.




How can I make my kitchen more social?

From family meals to big celebrations, your kitchen can be central to your party's good vibe. Here are a few tips to help make hosting your next gathering a piece of cake.

Optimizing guest movement


Before setting up or decorating for the party, take some time to think about where you want your guests to hang out and how they will move around your designated party space. Making sure that there's plenty of room for everyone to maneuver will help maintain a care-free and upbeat atmosphere. You may want to move some furniture around to achieve this. As a general rule of thumb, Better Homes & Gardens recommends leaving at least thirty inches between furniture pieces.

When prepping your space, tuck away unnecessary items, using areas like the kitchen island to keep essentials handy yet out of the way. 

Pro Tip: Set-up stations for plates, napkins and utensils in a few locations around your food stations. This can help avoid the formation of long lines and bottlenecks.

Leveraging your kitchen island

Your kitchen island can serve double-duty as a bar, buffet or both! Aim for smooth room flow, especially since guests often flock around food and beverages. Distributing appetizers and setting up several mini drink stations can prevent crowding, making for a more comfortable and engaging environment. 

Pro Tip: Don't have a kitchen island? High-top and cocktail tables make great alternatives, plus they provide a place for your guests to set drinks down, nibble on snacks, and chat with other guests.

Elevating buffet display


Worried about a cramped buffet table? Think upwards! Utilize items like stacked cake stands or elevated plates to create layers and add dimension to your food display. This not only saves space but also adds a touch of elegance. Incorporating vertical elements makes everything accessible while offering a visually appealing spread.

Pro Tip: Large bowls and deep dishes can be filled with ice and used under any food trays that need to stay chilled in your food service area. 

Favoring finger foods

appetizer_finger food

For a seamless party experience, select finger foods that are simple to pick up and enjoy. This approach not only minimizes cleanup and waste but also lets you devote more time to mingling with your guests. Easy-to-eat snacks mean everyone can indulge without the fuss of utensils, keeping the atmosphere casual and carefree. 

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