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A world of color is out there for the taking. Are you willing to reach out for it? Often, homeowners find themselves avoiding the more daring options because they focus too much on resale instead the right mindset: recreating their space the way they want.  

Let’s take some advice from our European neighbors and express your personality through your design choices. Rebel against conformity and design your space to tell a story. But how do you begin? 

Consider color as the fun part. Many times, kitchen designs can turn one-dimensional very quickly. Keep variety in mind. Don’t be afraid to punch color into a wide array of elements like your accessories, countertop, or hardware. Consider how you want your colors to be represented. Do you want them to mesh or contrast? Having colors blend seamlessly can give off a comfortable, cozy aesthetic with something that feels familiar about the space. Contrasting colors can make specific elements pop and for the creative soul, can turn the canvas that is your kitchen into something aesthetically eccentric. 



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Colors can go in many directions. Designers often discuss color as if it’s a conscious, living, breathing entity. Because, at the end of the day, color gives life and resuscitation to older, dying spaces. Designers will associate colors with environments to help you achieve your goals. Do you want something that’s reminiscent of the beachside? Chances are they will recommend creamy beiges or light blues, representative of the beachside. For those who value the solitary beauty of the wilderness, a mixture of wood grains and greens can make any trip to the kitchen keep you in touch with the outdoors. 

And with color trends constantly changing, what shifts can we expect to see in the coming months? For one, primary colors are coming to the forefront of the industry. With a long history of different shades of whites and blacks being utilized in this space, the urge to become more adventurous is on the rise. Deeper blues and greens give your kitchen more depth and complexity. Pastels and terracotta can pave the way for beautiful spaces that soak in natural light. Taking a chance on something new, something exciting could be just the thing to revitalize your living space. 



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