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Corian Counter Tops Make Excellent Vanity Tops Too

May 23, 2012 | by Carrie

Diana Vreeland, noted fashion columnist and editor once said, "I loathe narcissism but I approve of vanity."  We agree.  If you are going to spend hours at your vanity countertop each week, you should have a countertop that is durable, attractive and easy to maintain. That's why Corian countertops make an excellent choice for home or commercial vanities.

corian vanity top in blue pebble bisque

Corian Countertops Feel Good to the Touch

Corian is a composite material made by combining natural minerals and a pure acrylic resin. The natural minerals give Corian its variety of colors and patterns, creating the earthy look it is known for.

Corian has a softer and warmer feel than other high-end countertop options, such as granite or tile. That warm soft feel is one reason it makes such a great surface for your bathroom countertop. Glass bottles and toothbrush holders are more apt to bounce with a gentle thump than shatter.

Corian Countertops Blend With Any Look

There are literally hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from, so no matter what your style or color palette, you'll be able to find a Corian design that works for you.  From modern and metallic blacks, to earthy taupes and vibrant greens - Corian offers it all. Do you love the look of natural stones, like granite or marble?  Check out the Corian Private Collection.  You will be amazed at the variety of colors and patterns.

Corian can be cut into any shape or design you choose.  You don't have to worry about cracking, chipping, or the unsightly seams that can be a problem with natural stone products.  Have a crazy-shaped sink? Want to create a custom vanity top for your personal needs?  It's all possible with Corian. Even eco-conscious decorators can select from the Corian Terra Collection, made from post-consumer recycled products.

Corian Countertops are Durable and Easy to Maintain

Corian is an ultra-durable product but in the rare event that it scratches, chips, or the surface become marred, you can restore the surface yourself. The top layer can be removed with abrasive cleansers or soft sand paper, revealing underlying layers of unmarred beauty. There is no replacement or patchwork required. Cleaning is as simple as a quick wipe with a damp cloth. Countertop maintenance doesn't get any easier than Corian.  They are countertops designed to last a lifetime. So go ahead, embrace your vanity and indulge in a Corian vanity countertop.  You'll thank yourself each and every morning.

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