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The blind corner cabinet stands as a paradoxical element in many kitchens, embodying both immense utility and notable frustration. While it effectively maximizes the potential of corner spaces, the cabinet's deep, secluded interior can often transform it into a challenging storage area, rendering accessibility and organization a common issue for homeowners.

Fortunately, many professional kitchen design contractors near you in Bergen County offer innovative solutions you can rely on. They specialize in custom fittings and clever mechanisms that transform these awkward spaces into fully functional and easily accessible storage areas, ensuring your kitchen's layout works in your favor.


What is a blind corner cabinet?

Blind corner cabinets are black holes that suck you in. Without interior lighting, you’re stuck wasting time blindly searching for items by touch. Even if you have a flashlight, you're forced to unsteadily hold it in one hand as you search with the other. Depending on whether you're dealing with a lower or an upper cabinet, your search in the dark can lead to elbow, arm, back of head injuries, or a serious fall off a stool.

Spaces that promote disorganization.

Because it’s so difficult to reach into the back of a blind corner, you’re more likely to allow less frequently used items to shift to the back or move items around in a haphazard fashion. As a result, you can easily forget where less frequently used items are stored, reposition items underneath or behind larger items, or accidentally damage items.

Any of these issues become even greater frustrations if you have a mobility problem, arthritis, poor hand-eye coordination, a bad back or knees, or other health issues.

How can I improve my corner kitchen cabinets?

The following are some of the common solutions to your problem:


1. Install Blind Corner Organizational Systems

One way to fix a blind corner is with tools designed to make it easier to store, find and access items without extensive alteration of the cabinet boxes:

  • Half-moon wood or melamine shelves, or metal door baskets, that swing out from the interior when you open the door.
  • Double peanut-shaped shelves that rotate out of the cabinet box with a light tug.
  • Square-shaped shelving units you can pull completely out of the cabinet.

Tip: To make the most of your space, consider combining a square-shaped 90 degree swivel unit with blind corner shelves. When you pull it out and move it to the side, you can then slide the shelves into the open space. Additionally, consider modifying the door so it and the unit hang as one piece.


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2. Remodel the Cabinet Boxes to Create Open Corner Cabinets

A remodel typically involves removing the sides of the cabinet boxes that meet at the corner to create a wider, open space for better custom storage and organization tools:

  • Circle or kidney-shaped Lazy Susan shelving, or rotary recycling bins, that smoothly spin via a central post for easy 360 degree access to stored items.
  • Single/multiple drawers, shelves, racks or bins that pull straight out of the corner.
  • Floor-to-ceiling pantry, or a bulk food, wine or small appliance storage closet, that features pullout shelves, peg hooks and/or bins.

Tip: To make access easier, consider installing a ceiling-to-countertop cabinet with a slide-up, Tambour door. If you have difficulty remembering where you store items, consider replacing opaque doors with hinged or sliding clear glass doors.


Where can I find expert kitchen design contractors near me in Bergen County?

In navigating the complexities of kitchen storage, particularly the notorious blind corner cabinet, our expertise proves invaluable. Our knowledgeable team brings a blend of creativity and practicality, turning problematic spaces into practical, user-friendly components of your kitchen. 

Reach out to set up a free design consultation with us. Let's discuss how we can bring the organization and efficiency your kitchen truly deserves.



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