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There’s no doubt about it, a kitchen remodel is a substantial investment into the heart of your home.  

A 2023 Cost v. Value report conducted by Remodeling Magazine found that a minor kitchen remodel averaging $26,000 returned $22,963 in average home value, or 85.7% of your investment-up from 71.2% the previous year.  

While some people may be hesitant to make the leap, rest assured that increasing your home’s value in what’s considered a ‘hot’ market right for sellers can be one of the best decisions you make. And don’t forget the priceless enjoyment of living with your new kitchen each day.  

When you are ready to move ahead and take those first steps, you will have many questions. Questions such as...  

  • Where do you begin?  
  • What company is trustworthy and able to deliver on my project’s needs?  
  • What choices and decisions are involved to make the most of my space? 
  • What design elements do I choose and how much is my dream project going to cost?  

While some homeowners might be eager to get started and try to take on most of the research, the easiest way to get started is to reach out to an expert and open a dialogue about your project.  

Many kitchen companies offer free in-home consultations, but quite a few are also only showroom based. Let’s break down the benefits and true value of having a professional visit you in your home and starting a discussion sooner rather than later. 

No two spaces are the same. Every homeowner will approach their project with their individual set of wants and needs.  

Your remodeling project will come with unique challenges. Your tastes and eye for unique design elements will play a large part in making this the most personalized space, one that reflects you. An in-home design consultant can help bring out that level of individuality.  

A seasoned professional should be ready to guide you on a journey toward exactly what you’re looking for, assessing the unique characteristics of your living space and laying everything out for you. A consultation will mean a design proposal, material selection and brainstormed solutions to any issues you might be having with your current layout. This is where a professional will be able to address and solve issues that may arise when crossing the bridge of aesthetic and functional needs for your project. 

It’s also important to consider that conducting an in-home consultation doesn’t mean a trained professional is merely a salesperson. Many of these professionals have a deep knowledge of the industry. By sitting down for a consultation, you’re able to tap into their well of expertise and get the latest trends, industry-defining materials, and new innovations that are breaking the mold of traditional kitchen remodels.  

A true professional will take the opportunity during a consultation to make recommendations because they’ve seen so many homes, tastes and scenarios.  Whether it’s energy efficient appliances, new layouts, or cabinetry solutions, you can benefit from a level of knowledge you might not be able to find anywhere else. 

But at the end of the day, a free-in-home consultation isn’t just a discussion; it’s a collaboration between a homeowner and trained professional. Anyone can choose materials, but what you have to gain is the exercise of creating a space that truly reflects your style and caters to your project’s needs. By opening up about your preferences, your vision, and your functional needs, you’re the only and active participant on the gameshow of your next kitchen remodel where you get to win the kitchen of your dreams. The result is a representation of your individuality, one that aligns with your expectations. 

One of the primary concerns is usually cost, especially in cost sensitive times.  It’s understandable; a kitchen remodel is a significant life event and can be impactful on your finances. However, have no fear; a free in-home consultation allows you to alleviate any uncertainty you might be having, laying out exactly the cost and what you can expect with the amount of work you’re looking to undertake with your next project. Remember, a kitchen is like a new car- there is no reason to pay up front for the entire purchase when flexible and attractive financing is available. If you might be trying to bite off more than you can chew, a veteran of the industry is able to be flexible, working within your means, and most importantly providing solutions. 

Cost aside for a moment, you will be presented with so many design options it can make your head spin. Talking it out and laying out your design goals is a highlight of a consultation. By paring down options, you can be relieved of any decision-making headaches, and instead focus on the exciting world of opportunity your kitchen holds. From choosing different types of countertops, cabinet finishes, or hardware and accessories, a consultation means getting hands-on experience to help you visualize your future kitchen in your own space. 

Above all, a free in-home consultation means building a long-lasting relationship with a company that’s ready to imagine and create your dream kitchen, deliver a product that’s built to last, and provide a space you will be drawn to spend time in for years to come. It’s the first step in establishing trust between you, the homeowner and your chosen remodeling company. The consultation gives you the chance to gain a sense of the company and people who would be working in your home. It’s an opportunity for the consultant to provide you with the foundation of the company’s values and assess their company’s quality of service. It’s a personal opportunity for a long-term partnership, one that lasts long after the work is completed in your home. 

Here at Kitchen Magic, we’re proud to offer such a service. Interested in hearing how we can bring your dream kitchen to life? From kitchen remodeling solutions that span cabinet refacing to all-new cabinetry, call Kitchen Magic today at 800.272.5490 to schedule a free in-home consultation today! 

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