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The Focal Point of the Open Concept Home: The Kitchen

Kitchen Design and Style

Let’s paint a picture: you’re in the trenches of house hunting. Nothing you’ve seen has sparked any inspiration or passion that you desire for your dream home, and you just can’t see yourself hosting a Superbowl party, or even a weeknight family meal, in the kitchen of these homes. 

The 90s called and they want their light oak cabinets and patterned tile countertops back. And it's almost painful to look directly at the floral wallpaper. Let’s play "How many patterns do you spot in this kitchen?” 

But let’s say you have a change of heart, and a horribly unappealing kitchen that you’re seeing in an otherwise perfect house is huge, and it flows right into the dining room and out into the living room. Everything else about the house is wonderful, or at least has the potential to be an easy DIY project. The potential is endless, and you realize that with a little TLC, this could be the space of your dreams.  

You’ve seen this concept on HGTV (and in your dreams at night). You love  the convenience and beauty of having an open and inviting space, where  family and friends are still together, no matter what each person may be doing. Cooking the meal and doing the dishes on holidays  never has to feel isolated again.  

So, what are the next steps? Here are some of our top remodeling tips that you should consider to make this drab space a functional, stunning room in your home that promises to be filled with laughs, memories, and delicious meals! 


A (Not So) Remote Island Kitchen Island

The island! It’s talked about in almost every episode of every kitchen renovation show, ever. Everyone wants one, especially those with a larger number of family members living at home, or those who work remotely from home. The closer the snacks, the better the workday (or something like that). 

So, why is a kitchen island such a highly desired aspect of this space?  

  • It provides extra seating for large families, or during an event hosted at home. 
  • It provides the homeowner with extra cooking space, making this a dream item for those who love to play chef. 
  • Extra storage. Need we say more? 
  • It provides an extra surface area for work at home, projects, homework or multitasking while cooking. 

But it doesn’t end there. The yearning for an island in the kitchen has no limitations. So, how does it apply to an open concept? A kitchen island is a great transitional piece between the kitchen and the dining or living room. It provides a divide between rooms without closing off and isolating them from one another. So, pros: extra seating, remote workspace, and food preparation station for your convenience. Cons? We sure can’t think of any! 


The GREAT Room 

This term is given a new meaning when it comes to the kitchen and all its cohorts in an open concept home. What was once known as the massive room that rich and famous people use to entertain A-list guests, but never any other time, has now become one of casual dining and entertainment for regular people, like us, on a day-to-day basis. The great thing about having a wide-open space is the seamless flow of interaction and activity between the people within the home.  

As entertaining at home is becoming more popular again, these spaces are even more desirable to homeowners alike. It’s a dealbreaker to some homebuyers looking for an open space to suit their lifestyle and support their large family or group of friends. 


Get Some Money Back 

When you consider what an open floor plan, including the kitchen, can do for you, think about these three words: Return on Investment. Having an open floor plan drives the real estate value of your home through the roof. This easy-to-maintain, functional space will appeal to any family interested in buying your home. It’s timeless for all its benefits, not to mention that people will never stop having guests over. 

Kitchens, in general, are a huge part of the value of a home. It’s not typically just a cosmetic remodel, like a bedroom or laundry room. Investing now can reward you later. This option isn’t just for people looking to buy a new home, though. If you already own a home that may be a tad outdated and you are looking to open the space up, review your budget to find out whether making your closed-off kitchen flow into the main area of your home is a possibility (which may mean removing a non-load bearing wall). This will completely change the pool of buyers interested in your home. Consider this for your remodel as you plan your project if it’s realistic with the budget you’ve set. 


Natural Light – Not for NocturnalsBright, Open Kitchen

One of the best parts of an open concept is the amount of natural light that floods through all rooms of the space. Kitchens normally don’t have many windows when they stand alone. In most of these rooms, there is a small window above the sink, or as part of the door, if there even is one in the space. But when combined with a dining and/or living room, the kitchen has a stake in the production of vitamin D and serotonin for those in the household. This is even more important today as more and more people work remotely in the comfort of their own homes. 

If you’re one of those people lucky enough to have a sliding glass door in your home, this will further illuminate the combined spaces and give a biophilic atmosphere to the open floor plan. Having a window to the outside world leaves you feeling connected to it, even if you are inside preparing a meal or visiting with friends and family. On days when the weather is agreeable, you can even open the glass door to expose its screen counterpart, allowing you further connection to the outdoors. 


A Big Ole’ Modern Masterpiece 

If the other reasons weren’t enough for you, this might be: if you want a home that looks updated and modern, this layout and style is right for you. 

An open concept allows you to frequently relocate your décor and furniture. Many of us, especially those who are in our homes for many years, want to make changes without spending money. This could include rearranging your furniture, changing the placement of artwork on your walls, and even repainting the rooms. To simplify these tasks, an open floor plan allows for a slew of choices for you to work with. Picking a paint color becomes easier, because you don’t have to match it... it’s all one big space! 


Don’t Close Yourself Off 

There are endless possibilities to a space that flows through your home without obstructions. No matter what type of homeowner you are, or how you use the unique spaces in your home, an open concept living space is desirable. Allowing yourself the peace of mind to avoid running into walls, furniture, and other occupants of the house is a crucial part of some people's design and layout choices when they are considering what their remodel might look like. 

Envision what your life would be like when you have all your loved ones around you, comfortable in your space in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming and crammed. Stop trying to squeeze everyone into a single room so that you can all be together. When you start reimagining your space, think about the things that were discussed in this article and decide what parts of your remodel are most important for you. 

If you have questions about how to reimagine your dream kitchen to complement the other rooms of your home, call Kitchen Magic at (866) 525-0012 for a free Design Consultation to see what your options are for an open layout that will leave you with plenty of room for activities.



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