Do I need to have design ideas before my consultation?

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You have watched every show on HGTV, admired your friends’ newly remodeled kitchens, and time and again, dreamed of exactly what you want in your kitchen from a design perspective. So, like many of our customers, you’re probably wondering whether or not you should have a collection of design ideas prior to meeting with a professional for your kitchen remodel consultation.  

While you can picture your dream kitchen and all of the details that go into it, choosing materials to fit both your budget and your style can pose a challenge. There’s also the issue of, well... too many choices. While thinking about the remodel as a whole is crucial to accomplishing the aesthetic you’re looking for, the smaller details should not fall to the wayside. Coordinating the details to highlight the larger aspects of a remodel are just as important. But stressing about the endless design choices shouldn’t scare you away. We’re here to help, so if you’re curious about whether you should come prepared with ideas prior to meeting with a design consultant, read on! 

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The short answer is ‘yes’. While a design consultant will guide you through the process of choosing the right materials and styles to fit into your unique investment, you should at least have a general understanding of what your taste is. Be sure to ask yourself: 

  • What’s my style? Do I prefer modern, contemporary, farmhouse, traditional, transitional or eclectic? 
  • Do I prefer light colors, dark colors, or a combination of both? 
  • What kind of hardware material do I prefer?  
  • What countertop material is most attractive to me and what pattern?  
  • What kind of finishes, colors, and materials will compliment my floors (if you’re keeping them)? 

These are a few questions you should ask yourself to prepare for your discussion with a professional. 

 It can be overwhelming to consider all of your design options and easy to feel lost, but the design phase should be one of the most exciting parts of the process! Your kitchen design is completely up to you, and working with a professional will ensure the selections you make fit into your allocated budget and present alternatives in case your plan A isn’t fully feasible.  

The services and materials you choose will also depend on the product offering provided by the company you work with, so a robust, on-trend product offering is important.  

All in all, you know your style better than anyone else. Doing some preparation and research ahead of time so you have a strong idea of what you love will give you an advantage when it comes to guiding your remodeling company in the right direction. The end goal for everyone involved is for you to enjoy a completely reimagined space that you’re over the moon about. If you’re looking for an experienced, design-focused company to help you with your kitchen remodel, call Kitchen Magic at (866) 525-0012 to learn more about how we can help deliver the kitchen of your dreams.

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