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David's Kitchen

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In Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, we were proud to work with David Yanoshik to achieve a new look and feel for his kitchen by installing all new countertops, as we sat down with him to discuss his experience working with us in this Featured Kitchen Remodel.

Many people are surprised at how impactful just changing one element in their kitchen can have on the entire look and feel of this space. With David's kitchen, he felt that every other aspect of his kitchen was in good shape. He knew he wanted to change something to get a new look but also wanted to work within the means of his budget. One of our remodeling experts here at Kitchen Magic worked with David within the means of his budget to build out a plan to make changes that worked with every aspect of David's wants and needs for this remodel. We sat down with David to discuss why he chose to work with us and what his overall experience was.

For David, having a functional cooking space was always at the top of mind. Entertaining guests and having free, open countertop space to fluidly move around the kitchen was his top priority. However, what he was most concerned with was HOW the kitchen looked while he was using it. 

Reminiscing, David had this to say:

"I found myself hiding away parts of the kitchen...with a dish towel here and the strategically placed cutting board there. Now, it's an absolute pleasure to cook in here, and I find myself proudly showing off the new work."

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David's Kitchen can be a relatable story for countless homeowners out there that might want to refresh the look and feel of their space without fully investing in a kitchen remodel. Sometimes, simply updating your countertops and backsplash is enough to make a statement. 

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