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5 Kitchen Remodel Tips for Resale

Oct 24, 2013 | by Sara

If you’re seeking to sell your home in the near future, updating your kitchen can increase the value of your home and attract buyers. But it can seem nearly impossible to design a kitchen for someone whom you’ve never even met.

It can be difficult to know what kitchen style will appeal to the largest number of potential buyers, so here are 5 design tips for you to use when remodeling your kitchen for resale.

antique white kitchen cabinets

Keep it simple

When designing a kitchen for someone else’s taste, keeping the overall scheme simple is the way to go. Don’t stress your budget with additional, over-the-top accessories or storage solutions. Expensive crown molding or drawer knobs can be easily customized once the home is bought, and are usually not a major selling point. The same advice goes for cabinet door styles and drawer sizes. Stick with Vintage and Plain style cabinets and standard size drawers. A simple design will not only appeal to the masses, but also leave decorating accents to the homeowner’s imagination.

kitchen design tips for resale 

Use a neutral palate

There’s good reason neutral beiges, browns and whites are the most popular kitchen colors—they truly stand the test of time. Antique White Cabinets with a Walnut Glaze pair well with just about any countertop color and can give even the smallest kitchens an open, inviting look. Classic colors are always a better choice over the more trendy designs, because they will appeal to buyers of all ages.

Think about function

While they might be attracted to your kitchen, it’s the kitchen’s function that can really sell your home. Style can be changed or updated over time, but the buyer wants to make sure that this is a space she can see herself spending time in for a long time. If you have the space, add an island or breakfast nook, and speak to your craftsman about work triangles to help make your kitchen more functional.

laminate kitchen countertops 

Consider Laminate or Solid Surface Countertops

Depending upon the material, countertops can be the largest expense in your kitchen update. Laminate and Solid Surface countertops are a much more affordable option to stone countertops and come in hundreds of colors that imitate the unique designs in stone countertops.

Reface with Maintenance Free Cabinets

Because cabinets take up 80% of the visible space in your kitchen, updating your cabinets can make a huge difference. But all new custom wooden cabinetry can be a time consuming and expensive project. Maintenance Free Cabinets are just as beautiful as wood, are more durable and less expensive than traditional wood cabinets. Refacing your existing cabinets will make a dramatic transformation, and get your kitchen ready for resale in days, rather than weeks.

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