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Solid Surface for Bath: Everything You Need to Know

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Bathroom featuring white solid surface shower area


When was the last time you took a close look at your bathroom? A study once found that, on average, we will spend 800 days of our lives in bathrooms. That’s over two years! And It’s a good chance most of that time will be spent in your home bathroom.  

That said, having a space that matches your functional needs as well as aesthetic vision is important. A 2023 Cost v. Value Report analyzing a midrange bath remodel, which would include updating an existing 5x7 foot bathroom at a cost of $24,606 had a value return of $16,413 for a CvV percentage of 66.7%, a trend that has only been increasing year to year. 

What does that mean? Right now is a better time than any to consider a bathroom remodel. From daily wear and tear to natural usage and timelines of home bathrooms, every minor repair and renovation can slowly add up, meaning investing in a major update means you can enjoy a newly transformed bathroom every day. 

But as with any home improvement project, the process of getting started can be a bit tedious. From various services to the wide range of products at your disposal, how do you even begin to narrow down your options? That’s where we come in. Today, we’re going to be discussing options for bathrooms that include the shower area. 


Shower area, shower nozzle


Shower areas are a vital element of every bathroom. And by taking up such a big portion of your bathroom, the design choices you pick will set the tone for the entire project. With that said, let’s consider solid surface, a desirable material for shower areas for its cost effective and easy to install attributes. But what exactly is solid surface and what could it mean for your next remodel? Let’s dive in. 

Solid surface is non-porous, bacteria and stain resistant, and an ideal surface for the bath area, particularly in the wettest area of the shower or bath. Solid surface is also a very cost-effective alternative to tile with the added benefit of being completely grout free.  

A national study by the Water Research Foundation in 2016 found that the average shower uses roughly 17 gallons of water and lasts for around eight minutes. 17 gallons...which makes up around 3% of all water used indoors. And with water usage like that daily, perhaps one of the most important considerations for shower areas is making it as waterproof and non-porous as possible. Solid surface has been regarded as one of the most effective materials for shower bases and walls. Materials such as porcelain tile which are more fragile, are prone to cracks, leaks and eventual water damage that can be frustrating and incredibly expensive to deal with. Solid surface is instead a highly durable material and tough enough not to crack under the pressure. In addition, this versatile material is sanitary. With traditional tile, grout is used (like cement in a brick wall) to fill the spaces between tiles, meaning an inevitable breakdown. As grout wears away, this can result in bacteria, mold, and mildew growing, creating a not-so-pleasant and not-so-clean environment for what should be an area that exemplifies cleanliness. 


cracked grout and tile in shower area


Perhaps one of the biggest allures of solid surface is its low maintenance, bacteria resistant quality. Traditional tile experiences wear and tear, resulting in broken-down grout, falling tiles, and festering mold. Solid surface is renewable and easier to maintain. Does solid surface scratch? It can happen, but unlikely when used on a vertical wall surface. However, it is easily restored with light buffing, often with the scour side of an ordinary dish sponge. 

But let’s take a break for a moment and look inwards for some reflection. When you think of any home improvement project, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s cost, or maybe it’s what most people dread: the installation. 

It’s no secret that any home improvement project is a disruption to your home and to your regular routine. In this case, remodeling a bathroom means not having access to a vital piece of your home that, let’s face it, can be relied upon. And while some might opt for the DIY attitude, which is a valiant effort, especially when considering a bathroom remodel and redoing something as precise as a shower area, it’s recommended to hire trusted professionals. Proper installation ensures a watertight seal and maximizes the longevity of the shower enclosure. Remember, if you want something done only once, get it done right. 


Bathroom project schematics, materials, measuring tape

In terms of installation of solid surface for shower areas, the material itself comes in large sheets, meaning it is faster and simpler to install than tile or stone. And with an installation timeline of just one to two days, here is what you can expect: 








Firstly, installers strip down your existing bath or shower to the studs. The existing plumbing is prepared for the installation of a new valve and fixtures. Next, a shower pan will be set level in order for water to drain properly. This is perhaps one of the important aspects of the shower as this will direct all water that reaches the base whether from the walls or showerhead to the drain. This is where most DIY homeowners might struggle with proper installation, which, if improperly finished can result in some severe water damage over time. 

So, from this step on, installers will simply be installing your new shower or bath, gluing and applying the solid surface and the accessory items like shelves, grab bars, niches, showerhead and spout. 

Experienced installers try to cut solid surface materials outside whenever possible to reduce dust and waste in your home. The strong glue bond only takes 30 seconds to lock in. Finally, your choice for your shower doors will be installed. 

What about the colors and styles of solid surface though? Let’s consider your design options, the fun stuff. Do you prefer a classic, neutral palette or bold, vibrant colors? There’s a solid surface panel to suit every design aesthetic. Rest assured, solid surface comes in a variety of on-trend, beautiful color and finish options. Solid surface is also known for its ability to seamlessly integrate into various design styles, whether you’re interested in achieving a modern, minimalistic, traditional, or rustic style. The material’s versatility makes it an excellent choice for homeowners looking to create a cohesive and stylish bathroom design. 


white bathroom featuring white solid surface material


And your bathroom doesn’t stop only with your wall design selection. There’s a wide array of add-ons and accessory options that can help you build in the functionality you need to make your bathroom work for you. Some popular options include grab bars which enhance the look of your shower while providing peace of mind and independent living. Recessed niches or storage pods have become an attractive and popular option. Other notable mentions include corner shelves, shower doors, seats, base, and shower heads. This is all to say that with enough thoughtful choices and consideration, you can easily create the bathroom of your dreams. 

At this point, you might be curious, what will living day to day look like with your solid surface shower area? What can you expect in terms of maintenance? The good news is this material calls for little to no upkeep, a truly durable option. Of course, mistakes and accidents happen. For everyday cleaning, it’s recommended to deal with basic stains and routine cleaning by using mild detergent or general-purpose cleaner. However, for more persistent stains, burns, or scratches of a severe degree, it’s recommended to call your installer’s company and inquire about having a professional come out to assess the level of damage and provide a solution in-person.  

Solid surface is an ideal combination of aesthetics and functionality for your next bathroom remodel. With its waterproof, low-maintenance nature and a wide range of design options, it’s become a popular choice among homeowners and designers alike. Solid surface can transform your shower space into an elegant and enduring sanctuary. 

Interested in learning more? Kitchen Magic, kitchen and bath solutions, is a proud installer of solid surface shower areas and we’re ready to answer any questions you might have. Let’s get connected today!

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