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Our Top 5 Antique White Cabinet & Countertop Pairings

Written by Carrie | Feb 21, 2017

The upside of in-home consultations is that kitchen design reps bring samples so you can see what they look like in your home. The downside is that a single cabinet door or two—propped up against existing cabinetry—can leave a lot to the imagination.

For many clients, seeing is believing, especially when a remodel will change the entire look of your current kitchen.

Look at How Cool &Warm an Antique White Kitchen Can Be

Antique White is one of the most popular kitchen cabinet colors on the market. It's bright and airy, appealing to homeowners with both small and large kitchens. Plus, white is a timeless kitchen finish.

These photos, taken from recent Kitchen Magic remodels, can serve as inspiration for the various ways refaced white cabinets pair with varying countertops for stunning results.

1. Pairing white cabinets with an existing granite slab

If you have oak or darker-stained cabinets with an earthy granite slab, it's hard to picture what white cabinets would look like. Shouldn't the cabinets be a more earthy color?

As this kitchen attests, white cabinetry actually highlights the granite, rather than absorbing into it the way natural wood cabinetry can. We refaced existing oak cabinets with Breckenridge style doors and added a walnut glaze to create a transition. Owners benefited from a brighter, more awake kitchen without sacrificing any warmth.

2. What about Corian countertops?

Corian countertops often replicate natural stone versions but the background color is often more solid. The addition of white cabinetry will keep things looking more energized.

In the case of this kitchen, Corian countertops in Sonora provide Cocoa and the walnut-glazed white cabinets provide the cream. Together, you get a very cozy kitchen feel. The marble-esque, Witch Hazel backsplash (Surprise! It's Corian too...) also transitions the two surfaces, tying together the white-to-brown color spread found both above and below.

Special Note: This remodel was especially meaningful for our clients because their 1965 kitchen was almost entirely original. We even preserved—but updated—their treasured bread box, paying homage to the original design.

3. White on Brown-Beige has a white-on-white feel

Interested in a white-on-white look but worry it will feel too sterile? Take a peek into this elegant kitchen, where Vintage cabinet doors in Antique White pair with a Brown-Beige Granite Slab. All together, the kitchen has a white-on-white look - - but those natural stone elements and a Brown Glaze that perfectly matched the brown veining in the countertop - ensure there's nothing cold about it.

These homeowners created beautiful focal points with fun, mini-subway style mosaic work in the backsplash and by trading solid doors for glass inserts in an upper cabinet bank. The latter opens things up and allows them to display beautiful, heirloom china and glassware.

This kitchen also updated their small home office area and added furniture details to a custom-hood, transforming boring into interesting.

4. Use white as the backdrop for luxury

What we love about Antique White is that it isn't as stark as other whites. There is a luxurious sheen inherent in the finish and it pairs perfectly with Cambria Quartz countertops in Windemere. Together, they provide the backdrop for a high-end kitchen design - but those quartz countertops require less maintenance, and last much longer - than marble or granite would. A swooping rounded peninsula softens the typical angles found in kitchens

5. Dark and white - you can have it all

This last example proves that you can have it all when it comes to both dark and light finishes. These homeowners loved Uba Tuba granite and they loved Cherry, but worried it would be altogether too dark to have them both.

The solution? Use a cherry finish on the kitchen islands a lovely contrast to the white perimeter cabinets that would keep things feeling open and spacious. This two-toned look is popular (hyperlink: these days - as open floor plans mean more room in which to play with varying finishes. The two finishes are easily married via backsplash accents and/or other accents such as window dressings and area rugs.

Interested in seeing how Antique White cabinets can be matched with your countertop of choice? Visit us here in the Kitchen Magic design room, or schedule an in-home consultation, and we'll be happy to share our expertise.