The Kitchen Table

Use Hydrogen Peroxide for Common Kitchen, Bath and Laundry Chores
You've probably got a brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide in the back of your medicine cabinet for nicks and cuts.
How to Make Stale Baked Goods 'Fresh' Again
Must stale baked goods always be thrown away or tossed out for the birds? Find out...
Use Lemons for 8 Tough Cleaning Tasks
Although it does involve lemons and lemon juice. Reader Peggy B. of Monroe, CT, reminds us this versatile fruit has a lot of household uses.
Do Kitchen Colors and Styles Effect Resale Value?
If you think you're going to want your house on the market in the near future, then you will probably want to stay safe with popular colors and...
Clean Your Kitchen With Vinegar
Ordinary white distilled vinegar can help keep your kitchen looking new and smelling great. Many homemakers swear by it.
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