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Scary Kitchens Remodeled into Welcoming Hearts of the Home

Is your kitchen downright scary in terms of outdated features or a garish design scheme? Forgo the tricks and celebrate the treats this season with a...

Cleaning Organization and Storage Ugly Kitchens

3 Steps to Make your Kitchen Less Scary for Halloween!

Well it‘s that time of year again, when the costumes come out, the candy is overflowing the shelves of your grocery stores, and your kitchen is in...

Ugly Kitchens

Ugly Kitchen Grand Finale: "The Apocolypse"

Imagine this: grimy plates pile up to the ceiling with enough cracked plates to feed the world's ant population. Worn out, stepped on clothes piled...

Ugly Kitchens

Ugly Kitchen #2: "The Limbo Kitchen"

No, not talking about anything religious; but being in between. A kitchen that began being remodeled but was never finished.

Ugly Kitchens

Ugly Kitchen of the Day: "The Old Age Kitchen"

Nobody wants to grow old. Many of us wish for our fairer days. The solution to growing old is taking care of yourself. Of course, if your kitchen...

Ugly Kitchens

It's Ugly Kitchen Week: 4 of the Ugliest Kitchens Ever!

Welcome faithful readers to 'Ugly Kitchen Week.' We will have a new unique ugly post each day this week, starting on Tuesday July 10th, 2012.

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