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Kitchen Remodel Ideas Kitchen Design Kitchen Trends

Top 5 Kitchen Styles of All Time

Kitchen design trends, like fashion trends, can quickly change. The yellow cabinets and wooden countertops popular in the 1970s are an outdated...

Kitchen Design Kitchen Trends

Around the World in 20 Kitchen Photos

Fasten your seat belts! Let’s take a trip around the world to view some gorgeous kitchens from various cultures, spanning the globe. While some...

White Kitchens Kitchen Design Kitchen Trends

Wood and White Kitchens are the New White

Wood + White = Simple Elegance. It's that...well...simple. The wood-and-white design combo has bounced around the modern design universe for a...

Backsplash Kitchen Design Kitchen Trends

4 Backsplash Materials to Get You Tiled and Styled

The backsplash could be considered the most important part of your kitchen's design. No matter what material you choose, it's a focal point. Tile...

Kitchen Design Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Layout Ideas: Mid-Century Modern

Oh, you lucky owners of the mid-century modern home, casually perusing design magazines and thinking, "Wow, it's as if these kitchens were...

Kitchen Trends

5 Interesting Millennial Kitchen Remodeling Trends

It makes sense that demographics play a big part in kitchen remodeling, especially when it comes to particular styles and finishes.

One of those...

Kitchen Design Kitchen Trends

5 Questions to Consider Before Installing an Outdoor Kitchen

In more recent years, outdoor cooking has become more popular than ever. An outdoor kitchen area gives homeowners the freedom to entertain and...

Kitchen Trends

Save Space for Technology in Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen have space for technology? Sure, appliances are more high-tech than ever, but we're talking about the smartphones, tablets, and...

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