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Kitchen Safety

9 Ways to Avoid Dangerous Holiday Kitchen Fires

"Oh, the weather outside is frightful,But the fire is so delightful..."

Those famous lyrics, written by Sammy Kahn, are holiday favorites....

Kitchen Safety

How to Make a Kid-Friendly Kitchen

Studies show that 90% of kids get a feeling of pride and accomplishment when they help out inthe kitchen. However, kids may not find the kitchen...

Household Hints Kitchen Safety

Preparing Your Kitchen for a Power Outage

Unpredictable power outages can be a real dilemma to many people and the essential supplies they have within their homes. Whether a bad wind &...

Cleaning Kitchen Safety

3 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Safe This Summer

Summer is a time for celebration (and has been since the 1950s; art above courtesy of There will be barbecues,...

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