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Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Your Essential Guide to Conquering a Home Show

Are you planning to make the home show pilgrimage this year? If you are considering a remodeling project, these expos are for you. They are designed...

Kitchen Remodel Ideas Kitchen Design

Beautiful Beach House Kitchen Designs

When you think beach house, you’re probably envisioning homes off the coast in the southeast or west. Location may be a big deal when it comes to...

Kitchen Remodel Ideas Kitchen Design

How to Achieve an Art Deco Kitchen Design

What's not to love about Art Deco? It's glitzy, glamorous, combines angles and rounds, and it's all about texture and contrast—two bullet points in...

Kitchen Remodel Ideas Kitchen Design Ugly Kitchens

Scary Kitchens Remodeled into Welcoming Hearts of the Home

Is your kitchen downright scary in terms of outdated features or a garish design scheme? Forgo the tricks and celebrate the treats this season with a...

Kitchen Remodel Ideas Household Hints

Two DIY Paint Projects to Avoid in Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen need an ultra-affordable quick fix? We get it, and there are plenty of ways to do that. However, we highly recommend resisting the...

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Pro Kitchen Tips From Seasoned Realtors

Whether you’re looking to buy a new home or sell your existing home, there are many things to consider with regard to the kitchen. Should sellers...

Kitchen Remodel Ideas Kitchen Design

Design Alternatives to Kitchen Cabinet Soffits

Are you ready to make a single change that can open your kitchen space up in exponential ways? Then think about getting rid of those kitchen soffits.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas Kitchen Design Kitchen Trends

Top 5 Kitchen Styles of All Time

Kitchen design trends, like fashion trends, can quickly change. The yellow cabinets and wooden countertops popular in the 1970s are an outdated...

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