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Household Hints Kitchen Design

How a Kitchen Homework Space Can Expand a Child's Education

(insert young voice from down the hallway...): "Hey, MOOOOooom? (or, DAAAaaaaad?) Can you come here for a minute?"

These words are uttered...

Household Hints

8 Household Hints to Make Kitchen Life Better

Growing up, almost every food or home-oriented magazine contained columns dedicated to making life easier. They included everything from how to...

Household Hints Cleaning

3 Dirtiest Spots in the Kitchen and How to Keep them Clean

Sometimes it seems like the kitchen can be the most germ-filled room in the house,and no matter how hard you work to keep it clean, it will never...

Household Hints

Conveniently Store Your Smaller Kitchen Appliances out of Sight

One of the beautiful aspects of kitchen remodeling is that you can redesign your kitchen to fit your organization and storage needs.

Household Hints

3 Tips to Help You Keep Your Butcher Block Like New

A durable butcher block is a staple in any kitchen. It can be used so much that it becomes a part of the countertop, and a piece that stays in...

Household Hints Cleaning Organization and Storage

3 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Clutter-Free for 2013

It’s back-to-school and back-to-work time, meaning it’s also back-to-busy time. So let’s get back to the basics with some easy and inexpensive...

Household Hints

Entertaining in Crowded Kitchen

Reader Jaleta Clegg sends us a handy hint for those planning a party:

Household Hints

Working the Bugs out of Your Kitchen

Warm weather tends to bring some unwelcomed visitors into the kitchen -- and by unwelcomed visitors, we mean ants, fruit flies, and roaches. It...

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