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Kitchen Design Organization and Storage Function Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Kitchen Design Secrets & Essentials from Seasoned Pro Chefs

Every homeowner who cooks, is a chef in the making. If there were advice on how best to layout and organize a kitchen, none would be more...

Kitchen Design Function

Kitchen Ideas That Make Party Hosting a Piece of Cake

Are you the life, or the host, of the party? If so, a few thoughtful details in your kitchen design will make hosting parties and big, family...

Function Kitchen Design

How to Design a Minimalistic but Functional Kitchen

The ideal kitchen is spacious enough to offer plenty of work surfaces for food preparation, and plentiful storage areas for cookware and...

Function Livable Kitchen Design

Designing a Kitchen for a Multi-Generational Home

Do you have a parent, in-law or grandparent living in your home - or planning to live with you in the near future? If so, you're not alone....


Functional Trumps Form in Kitchen Design

In the excitement of designing a kitchen remodel, homeowners sometimes forget that the kitchen is actually a work space. In their efforts to...

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