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Kitchen Design Decorative Accents

Kitchen Solutions for the Vertically Challenged

Are you, ahem, vertically challenged? Well, being on the smaller side is something we gnomes understand.

There are solutions that can make the...

Kitchen Design Decorative Accents

Treat Your Kitchen Windows as you Would Want Them to Treat You

Window dressings are your kitchen's clothing - promoting your style to the world. And, just as clothes keep you warmer or cooler, hidden or...

Kitchen Design Lighting Decorative Accents

How to Incorporate Antique Lighting into Your Kitchen Design

Sometimes, clients are so hung up on specific design styles, they forget we don't have to play by the rules. You can have a traditional farmhouse...

Organization and Storage Kitchen Design Decorative Accents

10 DIY Kitchen Hacks to Reinvigorate Your Kitchen

That all-important room, the kitchen! While we call it our family hub, it also serves to create meals, welcome and entertain guests, do homework...

Decorative Accents

Top 8 Wood Detail Options For Traditional & Transitional Kitchens

By the time you're finished with your new kitchen remodel, you'll feel like a bit of a design and building expert yourself.

Cabinets Decorative Accents

What are the Benefits of Cabinet Edge Molding?

As you shop for new kitchen cabinets, or ways to improve existing cabinets, keep edge molding at the front of your mind.

Cabinet edge molding...

Accessories Decorative Accents

What is a Corbel and Should I Want One?

In past posts, we discussed several types of kitchen molding that serve both decorative and practical purposes, such as light rails, full and...

Cabinets Decorative Accents

What are the Benefits of Adding Step Shelves to a Kitchen?

Steps are a design element that serves more than a functional purpose. In general, they create a sense of elevation in a room. They can make a...

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