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Accessories Sinks

Kitchen Sink Options You Might Not Know About

We want to share a few quotes from popular interior design websites about some of the most desirable features in a kitchen remodel:

Kitchen Remodel Ideas Accessories

How to Choose a Hood Vent: Design & Function

Hood vents aren't typically on the top of homeowner's "shopping lists" when it comes to choosing design features for a new kitchen remodel. Sure,...


Age Gracefully by Having Your Kitchen Adapt to You

Picture a kitchen that where efficiency and function is every bit as important as style. There is adequate flow, cabinets and drawer spaces are...

Organization and Storage Accessories

Kitchen Appliances: What's In, What's Out and What's Worth the Money

Whether they’re large or small, vital for cooking meals, or just for a fun experience with friends, kitchen appliances and accessories make it...

Accessories Decorative Accents

What is a Corbel and Should I Want One?

In past posts, we discussed several types of kitchen molding that serve both decorative and practical purposes, such as light rails, full and...

Accessories Decorative Accents

Consider a Decorative Counter Post to Enhance Your Kitchen Theme

Over the past few weeks, I’ve outlined how fluting panels and split posts are perfect kitchen cabinet accessories.

Another accessory to consider...

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